• Our sophisticated technology helps you choose the right borrowers based on economic and personal criteria.

BLender is committed to strictly and thoroughly screening individuals based on personal and social profiles, among others, and, of course, consideration of their financial standing and ability to repay. We do this using complex and sophisticated algorithms and technology.

What happens if a borrower is unable to pay back his/her loan?
BLender takes all necessary measures to ensure that this does not happen, including taking a SafeGuard fund allocation to protect lenders should borrowers be unable to repay their loan for whatever reason. Furthermore, the wide distribution made possible by DirectMatchTM provides a multi layer protection for each and every lender. Nevertheless, should a borrower fail to repay his/her loan, we take all legal steps at our disposal, with the aid of leading law firms, to collect the debt and repay our lenders.

Is BLender an online bank?
No, BLender does not operate like a bank in any way. We don’t manage accounts, nor do we hold users’ money. We simply offer a platform to broker connections between people who want to earn an attractive return on their money and people who are looking for a quick loan with fair terms.

What does “loans between people” mean?
Also known worldwide as “peer-to-peer lending,” social lending utilizes a safe, transparent and user-friendly online platform to connect people looking to earn attractive yields on their money and those looking to get a quick loan with favorable terms. People to people, that’s the idea.