Doron Aviv | BLender Global – Chairman of the Board of Directors and Investor

Chairman of the Aviv Group, which is involved in development and construction of complex projects in the construction sector in Israel and around the world. Graduate of the Technion Faculty of Structural Engineering (Magna Cum Laude).

Giora Offer | BLender Global – Board Member

BLender Global board member and investor, served as the CEO of Israel’s Discount Bank for a decade, from 2001 to 2010. In addition to his role as CEO of the bank, he served as the chairman of Visa CAL and the chairman of Discount Bank in Switzerland. Mr. Offer was a board member of Bank Leumi and head of the Commercial Banking Division.

Dr. Moshe Olshevsky | BLender Global – Board Member

Graduate of the University of San Francisco and holds a master’s degree in Management from the Polytechnic University in New York and is a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Served as founder and CEO of the stock exchange-listed ISE and outside director and chairman of the audit committee for OCIF Group. Currently an entrepreneur in the field of wellness and health and a co-founder of Seng-Gin Tech, Ltd.

Dr. Gal Aviv | BLender Global – Chief Executive Officer and Board Member

Holds a doctorate in nanophysics from the University of Nottingham, England, in the field of ultracold atoms (quantum computing). Has been a serial entrepreneur and venture capital investor for the past decade.

Boaz Aviv | BLender Global – Chief Technology Officer and Board Member

Holds a BA with honors in Physics and economics from Tel Aviv University, significant experience in development and entrepreneurship. Founder of PetWise: remote sensing systems for pets.

Barak Gur | BLender Global – Vice President, Product and Board Member

Holds a master’s degree in Physics in the field of Complex Systems from Ben-Gurion University and was one of Asimov founders, an artificial intelligence system that forecasts user actions in order to make decisions.

Alessandro Floris | BLender Italy – Country Representative

Former McKinsey Consultant, was Program Management Office Director and Head of mobile TV in 3 Italia. Then he was Operations Director in De Agostini Editore and in Groupalia. Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor has proven experience in start ups, program management, organization and operations.