BLender was founded based on peer-to-peer lending models that have been successful around the world, and have significantly decreased the interest rate differentials between lenders and borrowers.

BLender is run by its exclusive DirectMatch system, which utilizes proprietary sophisticated mathematical algorithms to find the optimal match between borrowers’ requests and lenders’ terms.

BLender’s stability and security rests not only on its intelligent system, but also on its group of influential partners who are leaders in the field and are committed to advancing peer-to-peer lending, which has become tremendously popular in Europe and the U.S., in Israel.

Is BLender an online bank?
No, BLender does not operate like a bank in any way. We don’t manage accounts, nor do we hold users’ money. We simply offer a platform to broker connections between people who want to earn an attractive return on their money and people who are looking for a quick loan with fair terms. Blender operates as an agent of a Payment Institute established within the European Union, through which it offers its users the use and management of payment accounts, necessary to allow the disbursement of funds to applicants.

Choose the amount and get the loan:
Loan amount


Loan duration

18 months36 months

Select the monthly payment amount:

Lower Monthly PaymentHigher Monthly Payment

Choosing a higher amount, motivates lenders to lend to you and not to other borrowers.
Chance to get funding:
Loan of 0 (0 including origination fee)
Loan duration - 0 months
Fixed annual interest rate - 0 %
Fixed monthly payment - 0
SafeGuard Fund allocation - Determined when requesting the loan