BLender Global was founded based on Peer-to-Peer Lending models that have been successful around the world, and have significantly decreased the interest rate differentials between lenders and borrowers.

Our secret of success lies in our ability to perform a rapid and reliable test, based on social data sources, like Facebook, along with just a few documents. The weighting and consideration of the different criteria provided by these sources allow us to create an accurate picture of each borrower and his/her repayment ability. And it’s all done in a safe, secure and discreet manner, giving lenders peace of mind and borrowers a quick response.

After all, both sides must feel comfortable with the transaction—that’s the essence of lending between people.

Why BLender?

BLender is run by its exclusive DirectMatchTM system, which utilizes exclusive sophisticated mathematical algorithms to find the optimal match between borrowers’ requests and lenders’ terms. The system distributes lenders’ money among many borrowers, so that each loans is, in fact, made up of money from many different lenders, thus lessening the risk.

Who’s behind BLender?

BLender Global is backed by Aviv Technological Development Ltd., part of the Aviv Group, one of Israel’s largest, most established construction companies operating since 1963. BLender’s partners are: Dr. Gal Aviv (CEO) – PhD in nanophysics, Boaz Aviv (CTO) – graduate of an elite technological unit of the IDF and B.A. in physics and economics, Barak Gur (VP of Product) – master’s degree in physics, Giora Ofer – former CEO of Discount Bank and a partner in the Lahav Fund, and Doron Aviv – chairman of the Aviv Group. BLender is also supported by a team of senior consultants with expertise in the financial industry, law and taxation.

BLender Global’s board consists of senior leaders in Israel’s capital market: Doron Aviv – chairman of the Aviv Group, Giora Ofer – former CEO of Discount Bank and a partner in the Lahav Fund, Dov Kotler – former CEO of Isracard, CAL and Union Bank, Alon Lifshitz – Blumberg Capital, and Dr. Moshe Olshevsky – a founder of ISE.

BLender Global’s team of consultants consists of senior experts in the financial industry, law and taxation, Blumberg Capital – a leading American venture capital in FinTech, The Lahav Fund, Alter Attorneys at Law, KPMG, Giza Singer Even, Barnea & Co., Primesec – information security, privacy and regulatory.

About BLender Italy S.r.l

Blender Italy S.r.l It is a limited company with a share capital of EUR 10,000.00 fully paid based in Milan, Corso di Porta Vittoria 9, 20122, registered in the Companies Register of Milan, n. MI-209 635, C.F. and P.I. 09530340968, whose sole shareholder is the company Blender UK Limited, headquartered at 16 Great Queen Street, London, Great Britain, companies register number 10043074.
Blender Italy S.r.l It operates as an Italian agent by the company Lemon Way S.A. pursuant to the provisions of Article 128-quater, paragraph 7, of D.Lg. 385/1993. Lemon Way SA, is a joint stock company with a capital of 860,232.53 Euros with its registered office at 14 rue de Beaune – 93100 Montreuil-sous-Bois, France Phone: 01 48 18 19 30 and is authorized to operate as an Institute of Community Payment , the permit issued to effect the French regulatory authority “ACPR – Banque de France” dated 24/12/2012 and the number (CIB) 16568. Lemon Way is also authorized to provide its activity in Italy having requested and obtained the right to a passport of its license by the Institute ACPR Payment and the Bank of Italy.