Please be informed that from 2023-06-29 BLender Italy do not accept new investors and do not issue new loans. If you are our customer and you need additional information about payments, write us an e-mail.

How Does It Work

The concept is simple. On one side, there are people who want to provide a loan and get an attractive interest rate on their available money. On the other side, there are people with monthly incomes of at least €1,000 who need a loan of up to €10,000.
BLender connects the two, verifies their financial abilities, finds matches based on their expectations, and makes it happen. The outcome: higher interest rates for lenders and lower interest rates for borrowers.

How is that possible?

With no more need to pay for lavish offices and branches, salaries, fat bonuses, and cups of tea…many intermediaries have simply become unnecessary.

BLender doesn’t have branches, thousands of workers or overhead expenses. We take just a small, fixed transaction fee in advance and make no profit from interest rate differentials. That way borrowers and lenders save on brokerage fees and interest rates respectively.

We didn’t invent this. Peer-to-Peer Lending has become very successful around the world and comprises a growing segment of the global loan market. Person to person…and everybody wins.