• No branches, no overhead expenses = more returns for you

We don’t have branches, thousands of employees, or overhead expenses. That means: higher returns for you. That’s the big advantage of loans between people through alternative financial instruments.

With no more need for fancy offices and branches, fat salaries and bonuses…many intermediaries have simply become unnecessary. The connections have become more personal—between people. In fact, more and more people have come to understand that the old way encouraged “investment experts” of all kinds to maximize returns for themselves and their organizations before focusing on their clients’ interests. There’s no way around it—that’s just the way it is.

Will I pay taxes on the interest earned from the loan?
BLender acts in accordance with all tax laws and regulations. BLender will deduct income tax per the law; however, we recommend that you consult a tax professional.

Can a business or a company also lend money through BLender?
Yes, businesses and companies that would like to give loans are invited to sign up. However, banks and companies that provide loans as a professional activity should contact us in advance at Lenders@BLender.loans.