Please be informed that from 2023-06-29 BLender Italy do not accept new investors and do not issue new loans. If you are our customer and you need additional information about payments, write us an e-mail.



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Lend Money

  • Higher return on your money
  • Fixed monthly repayments
  • Your money is distributed among a number of borrowers

The concept is simple: instead of putting your money into low-yield investments, use BLender to lend it to people who want to take out a loan.
BLender matches you up with the right borrowers and distributes your money among many borrowers in the optimal way to maximize your returns. That means: attractive interest rates and peace of mind.

Is it legal?
BLender is completely legal. We aren’t part of the “gray market”, and we don’t hide anything – we make everything clear and transparent. You can see who is behind BLender, and everything is conducted transparently and safely – for us, for the borrowers and for the lenders.
BLender operates as an agent of an Electronic Money Institution established within the European Union – UAB BLender Lithuania – through which it offers its users the use and management of payment accounts, and perform all the necessary actions.

Will my identity be exposed?
The process is completely anonymous. Your personal information is stored securely within the system. Other users may only see the username you chose for yourself when you signed up and basic information on your loan request. We encourage you to take a look at BLender’s privacy policy for further information.

Why should I lend money to people online?
The world as we know it is changing before our eyes. Technology is challenging traditional ways of doing business. We don’t have branches, thousands of employees or overhead expenses. That means higher returns for you. That’s the primary advantage of peer-to-peer lending over other investment and saving options.

Why P2P?
Peer-to-peer lending has been operating successfully around the world for almost ten years. Information is accessible. Everything is visible, familiar and known. More and more people communicate with more and more other people and know about their lives, their habits and their friends. Above all, both sides must feel comfortable with the transaction—that’s the essence of lending between people.