Please be informed that from 2023-06-29 BLender Italy do not accept new investors and do not issue new loans. If you are our customer and you need additional information about payments, write us an e-mail.

The world as we know it is changing before our eyes.
Technology is challenging traditional ways of doing things.

Information is accessible. Everything is visible, familiar and known. More and more people communicate with more and more people and know about their lives, their habits and their friends.

Suddenly the whole market has changed. We no longer need to go to the supermarket to get groceries, nor do we need to use a travel agent to book a hotel room.
We’ve gotten used to getting a better product at a better price… and most importantly: under the terms that we choose.
The same goes for money.

There’s no longer a need for fancy offices and branches, fat salaries and bonuses… so many intermediaries have simply become unnecessary. The connections have become more personal — just between people.

More and more people have come to understand that the old way serves the interests of the institution and not the customer.
That’s just the way it is:
When there are hundreds of branches, tens of managers, thousands of employees and tens of thousands of sandwiches… the overhead is immense, and there’s just no way around it.

BLender gets rid of all of that. We don’t have branches, thousands of employees or overhead.

That means: The borrower pays a lower interest rate on a loan, and the lender gets more for his/her money!

Who are BLender’s members?
BLender’s members are individuals like you and like us, as well as companies and corporations, who want to borrow money with fair terms or to lend money and earn an attractive return on their liquid funds.
Will my identity be exposed?
No, it’s completely anonymous. Your personal information is stored securely within the system. Other users may only see the nickname you chose for yourself when you signed up and basic information on your loan request. We encourage you to take a look at BLender’s privacy policy for further information.
With BLender, who lends me the money?
Your loan comes from people who want to earn an attractive return on their liquid funds. Behind every loan there are, for the most part, a number of lenders — private individuals, companies and corporations — whose money is distributed in an optimal way to minimize the risk.

Loan amount:

24 months

A fixed monthly payment

36 months

A fixed monthly payment

Apply for a loan, and you will be able to benefit from a decent and comfortable loan.
When applying you can determine the monthly payment rate that suits you.
Most loan requests reach full funding within two days of approval.
For illustration purposes only. Actual figures are dependent on final underwriting and company procedures.