• A savings plan that actually earns you money
  • Amazing interest rates with no effort

Instead of earning near-zero interest on a savings account in the bank, set up an automatic direct deposit into your BLender account, and each time you can create a loan portfolio with an attractive interest rate independently or automatically using the automated lender.

Who is the Frequent Lender Track for?
The track is intended for individuals who want to save through automatic direct deposits and earn interest rates that only BLender can offer.

How much does it cost to activate the Frequent Lender Track?
The track is free of charge. All of our fees are listed in BLender’s price list and are updated from time to time.

How much money can I transfer through the Frequent Lender Track? Is there a minimum or maximum?
The minimum and maximum amounts change from time to time. Currently, any transfer of €500 or more is accepted (there is no maximum)