Please be informed that from 2023-06-29 BLender Italy do not accept new investors and do not issue new loans. If you are our customer and you need additional information about payments, write us an e-mail.

  • Convenience – automated lending
  • Maximum returns – takes advantage of your previous loan repayment and the available balance in your account

Not only we do NOT have branches, thousands of employees or overhead expenses and offer you higher returns, now you can also lend money automatically.

What is the AutoBlend (Premium Track)?
The AutoBlend (Premium Track) allocates money to loans automatically: you set the maximum amount you want to lend, and every few days the automated lender will automatically give loans for that amount or for the available funds in your account, whichever is lower.

How much does the AutoBlend (Premium Track) cost?
The AutoBlend (Premium Track) is free of charge. All of our fees are listed in BLender’s price list and are updated from time to time.

Is the AutoBlend (Premium Track) activated automatically for me?
During the signup process we will offer you to activate the AutoBlend (Premium Track), that way, you’ll be able to continuously lend the funds that accrue in your BLender account and receive the principal and interest payments on them. You can log into your account at any time and disable (or enable) it.