Please be informed that from 2023-06-29 BLender Italy do not accept new investors and do not issue new loans. If you are our customer and you need additional information about payments, write us an e-mail.

  • Our exclusive DirectMatchTM engine makes the difference
  • Track your loan portfolio
  • Your money is distributed among many borrowers- to maximize your returns

BLender developed the proprietary DirectMatchTM, engine, which utilizes a sophisticated and exclusive mathematical algorithm. The system finds the optimal match between the borrowers’ repayment abilities and your expectations as a lender, and distributes your loan portfolio among many borrowers in an optimal way- to maximize your returns.

Will I know whom I am lending to?
No. We make a point of securing the anonymity of all BLender users, lenders and borrowers alike.

When will I begin to receive payments?
As soon as your money is transferred to the borrowers, they will begin to pay you back in monthly installments.

How can I check the status of my loan portfolio?
BLender is proud to offer complete transparency. You can check the status of your account on our website on the “Lender Administration” page at any time.

How much can I lend? Is there a minimum/maximum?
The minimum and maximum amounts are updated from time to time. Currently, the minimum for creating a loan portfolio is € 50. The maximum is the balance in your account. You may fund your account with €1,000 or more. Should you need any assistance with lending money, please don’t hesitate to contact us.